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Gulrang Measurements Chart 

Gulrang Clothings Standered Measurement Chart  


Measurement Chart X-Small Small Medium Large X Large
Shoulder 13" 13.5" 14.5" 15-16 16-17
Chest (Round of chest) 32" 34" 38" 42" 44"
Waist (Round of waist) 24" 26" 34" 36" 38"
Hips(Round of  hips ) 35" 36" 40" 42" 44
Full Sleeves (can be change) 21" 21" 22.5" 22.5" 22.5"

Shirt Full Length (can be change  )

46" 46" 47" 48" 48"

Trouser Length- (can be change)

39" 39" 40" 41"






Dear Valuable Customers,

How to take your measurements
Easy Steps to determine your size for a perfect fit!

As we want you to be happy with your purchase, we urge you to invest the time to actually measure yourself so that you can get a perfect fit.  Designers vary from one to another,
so it's important to make sure that you determine the correct size for the suit you are interested in.

STEP 1 – Take Measurements

To accurately determine your size, you need to take these basic measurements –Shoulder, Bust, Waist, Hip,sleeves.


Shoulders,Armhole,and Arms  Measurements :(Additional measurments can be  give us in comment box at check out)

Tips & Warnings (When measuring the arms, make sure to keep the tape measure tight in order to assure an accurate measurement.

1-Begin with the shoulder measurement. Measure the shoulders by stretching the measuring tape across the back, from the very end of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder.

2-Measure for the armhole by wrapping the tape measure from the top of the shoulder, down beneath the armpit and back up to the top of the shoulder.

3-Measure the upper arm by wrapping the tape measure around it, just below the armpit.

4-Measure the forearm by wrapping the tape measure around the center of forearm. 

Always measure so that the dressmaker's tape is taut, but resist the urge to secure the measure too tight. This will result in inaccurate measurements and clothing that is too small for your build.

Bust Measuremnts: Place the tape measure under your arms and circle the tape around the fullest part of the chest.

Waist Measurements :Wrap the tape measure around your natural waistline. Keep the tape comfortably loose.

Hips Measurements: Measure your hips by circling the tape measure around the fullest part of your Hips.

Sleeves Measurements : Measure the sleeves length by stretching the tape measure from the top of the shoulder over slightly bent elbow, down to the wrist bone.


STEP 2  Locate The Appropriate SIZE CHART,These are located below.  If you can't find the exact designer,  size chart.

 STEP 3 – Find your Size.Lining up the measurements you took in step 1, find your size in  the chart.If you do not fit in any of the below size chart categories, go with your own measurement.


  Note-Take measurements which our web site mentioned in measurement form for additional request please write in comment box at check out page.

Please provide us your height also for optimal accuracy .Following measurements we need for your outfit stitching.Fill out form at web site or email us following measurment after placing your order at info@gulrang.com.

Need these Measurments for choridar 


Measurement in Inches 


8.Waist to Ankle---

9.Trouser Waist

10.Thigh (All around)--

11.Knee (All around)--

12.Calf (All around)--

13.Ankle (All around)---